Bali is one of those places many of us have on our bucket list. It is time to turn "I want to go to Bali," to -- "I AM FREAKING GOING TO BALI!!!"
Make your dreams come true with us in 2024 and join our 5 day immersion retreat in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

This experience is made for every woman -- any career path, any age, any walk of life. It is 5 days for you to fully give to YOU. A chance to unplug, find yourself a little more, & feel as though you hit the reset button. Come be a part of a life changing experience with some of the coolest women in the world. 

When: February 1st - 5th, 2024

An experience you've dreamt about can finally come to life.

Your Experience

- Your lodging for 5 days, 4 nights at a luxury Airbnb in Kuta SelatAn, Bali (Denpasar Airport only 15 minutes away)
- 3 meals a day + snacks cooked for you by our team + Bali Cooking Staff. 
- Personal Development topics led by Kass + Tay
- Guest Speakers talking on their craft
- Guided Yoga + meditation + journaling 
- Personal Reiki done by Kass
- Personal Massage done by Bali Massage Therapist
- swimming in the Airbnb Pool
- Feeding elephants 
- Hiking in epic Bali Locations
- Leveling yourself up & a kickass experience
- A free day for adventure + relaxation


3,200 in Payments // 2,900 in Full

500 deposit, then 5 payments of 540 by January 15th

Your Stay

Education Topics:

Our #1 goal is to be intentional with serving you whole-heartedly. In order to do that, we will be taking a Tribe vote on what y'all want us to dive into within personal development. 

Here are some topics you will get to choose from (& more) : 

-  How to create boundaries 
- Gaining confidence 
- Working through self-love 
- How to have better time management 
- Creating space to heal past traumas 
- Making a roadmap for 2024 
- Working through your identity and who you want to grow into 
- Learning to be intentional in your every day life 
- How to live out your purpose and values

The Villa offers an OPEN AIR LIVING AREA, nested under a high vaulted wood-shingled roof, making the most of Bali’s tropical climate. This main area is composed of: 

- Fully equipped KITCHENS (one open, one for professional chef) 
- Features a long BAR with stools for sharing some cold Bintang local beers together in the evening or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning,
- Three different LOUNGING AREAS with the wrap-around deep sofas and day-beds, you are sure of pure contentment in every corner of the estate.
- Meals can be enjoyed at the MASTER TEAK DINING table which can accommodate up to 16+ people
- Or more casual at the SMALLER TABLES with respect of group affinities
- A SPA ROOM with two massage tables and its ensuite bathroom, that can be converted in an additional bedroom if required. For the yoga teacher for instance.

The villa can comfortably accommodate travel parties of up to 16+ people - an amazing place for happenings and events, located in an upcoming yet still authentic and peaceful area of Bali.

The GARDEN is expansive, planted with colorful flowering trees and lush green tropical greenery, featuring a YOGA BALE of 70sqm and a magnificent flower-shaped swimming pool of more than 120 sqm, and encompassed by several timber decks where you can tan on one of the comfy sun beds. While you are swimming laps in the long lap pool, the kids can safely play in the shallow paddling pools in each petals or chase a ball on the manicured lawns.

The DECORATION bias is casual, BOHO CHIC, and benefits from juxtaposing older items with more modern ones. Colorful fabrics, pillows, sculptures, plants, lamps, rugs are all over the place. All that, creating a cozy space full of life in an eclectic style.

All around the pool, at a good distance of each other, 6 DOUBLE BEDROOMS BUNGALOWS with an en-suite bathroom will promises you restorative nights sleep or naps. Each bedroom has two single beds that can easily be joined depending on your needs.

*this does not include flight or transportation* 
You can take a taxi from the airport for cheap 

Bali Vision

Photographer. Videographer. Mindset Coach. Podcaster 

Based in Nashville, TN - Kassidy is on a mission to be a LIGHT in this world. To be a space of inspiration and ONLY GOOD VIBES.  She wholeheartedly believes that her purpose on Earth is to positively impact others & photography + coaching are the avenues to make that possible. She has spent the last 10 years in coaching and 4 years in photography. Her goal is to always live life to the fullest and empower others to do the same. Her heart is fueled by deep connections and personal growth. She is for the women who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones and push the limit. For the ones who are ready to become all they are meant to be - all while having THE TIME OF THEIR LIFE!  

Kassidy Marie

Taylor Kern

meet your gals

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-  She Has lived in 4 different states: Ohio, Nevada, Hawaii, Tennessee 
- The love of her life is her dog, Mr. Kane 
- Her favorite book is Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey
- She used to be a college basketball coach 
- Her favorite singer is Hardy 

Fun Facts 

Photographer. Life + Biz Coach. 

Based in Reno, Nevada - Tay picked up a camera at the age of 10. She is inspired by the human connection and landscapes that make her feel tiny. Photography was always her outlet to FEEL and embrace her empathetic side. She lost her dad + step dad in this human experience & that is what fueled her art. Life is so short & one day we wake up and the people we love the most are gone. Photographs keep them with us forever. She realized that Photographs are some of the only evidence we have of where we have been, who we’ve met along the way and the experiences we get to have. As a result she’s addicted to living vicariously through all the nostalgic mems she gets to freeze in time. Her goal is to empower as many creatives to harness what you have been given. You have been gifted with skills + talents + creativity. She wants to inspire artists to stand in confidence in what you were put here on this Earth to do. 

-  I’m almost blind wear contacts or glasses 24/7 
- Obsessive dog mama to the fluffiest golden retriever
- Obsessed with hot Cheetos 
- Extroverted but as i get older i LOVE being alone
- Music artists that speaks to my soul : bon iver, frank ocean, fleetwood Mac, Kygo & I can get down to some Kendrick always.

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ALyssa Jordan

Photographer. Master Chef. Most Servant Hearted Person You Will Ever Meet. 

Based in Reno, Nevada - Alyssa has been doing photography for 3 years. Destined to be beautifully bold & outrageously adventurous. Aspiring to be a lil ray of sunshine through who she shows up daily. Serving our tribe by cooking the best meals you will ever have at a retreat and going above and beyond to make sure each attendee is taken care of. The level up mom and MVP of the team. 

-  TKerns Step sister 
- Oakley (German Shorthair Pointer) is her whole world. 
- Used to live out of a bus. 
- Loves to travel across the world. 

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Fun Facts