Santorini, Greece is a literal DREAM for all of us. & we can't wait to make this dream come true with YOU!! Imagine stepping into a luxury Airbnb overlooking the ocean with a welcome drink in your hand - cheersing 12 other badass women. Every soul is ready to embody the highest version of themselves, get outside of their comfort zone - & ultimately, GROW TOGETHER in a way that is unlike any other. 

Oh - & did we mention we are also creating jaw dropping content while we are there? Every photographers visions will be coming to LIFE. But the best part you ask? That is easy... getting to do it along side other badass women who will support you, love on you, and push you like never before. If you are feeling a tug on your heart to level up - then girl, THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!  

May 7th - 11th, 2024

Are you ready to send it to Greece?!?

Your Experience

- Your lodging for 5 days, 4 nights at a luxury Airbnb in Santorini Greece
- 2 Elopement styled shoots & 2 couple styled shoots. 
- Space to edit + ask questions. 
- 3 meals a day + snacks cooked for you by our team. 
- Educational Speaking topics led by Kass + Mia 
- Guest Speaker (Rachel Santos)  
- Yoga + meditation + journaling + swimming in a pool that overlooks the ocean.
- Boat Excursion 
- An intimate inclusive experience with only 12 tribe attendees. 
- A free day for adventure + relaxation. 

Our Visions


4,800 in Payments // 4,500 in Full

* $1,000 Deposit*

Your Stay

Education Topics:

Our #1 goal is to be intentional with serving you whole-heartedly. In order to do that, we will having you fill out a questionnaire to make sure we dive into all the things you NEED. 

Kassidy will be speaking on: 
- Creating the mindset to tap into your highest self & make the most $ you ever have. 

Mia will be doing a Q&A on: 
- The art of story-telling 

& our guest speaker is...

Photographer. Videographer. Mindset Coach. Podcaster 

Based in Nashville, TN - Kassidy is on a mission to be a LIGHT in this world. To be a space of inspiration and ONLY GOOD VIBES.  She wholeheartedly believes that her purpose on Earth is to positively impact others & photography + coaching are the avenues to make that possible. She has spent the last 10 years in coaching and 4 years in photography. Her goal is to always live life to the fullest and empower others to do the same. Her heart is fueled by deep connections and personal growth. She is for the women who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zones and push the limit. For the ones who are ready to become all they are meant to be - all while having THE TIME OF THEIR LIFE!  

Kassidy Marie

meet your gals

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-  She Has lived in 4 different states: Ohio, Nevada, Hawaii, Tennessee 
- The love of her life is her dog, Mr. Kane 
- Her favorite book is Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey
- She used to be a college basketball coach 
- Her favorite singer is Hardy 

Fun Facts 

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ALyssa Jordan

Photographer. Master Chef. Most Servant Hearted Person You Will Ever Meet. 

Based in Reno, Nevada - Alyssa has been doing photography for 3 years. Destined to be beautifully bold & outrageously adventurous. Aspiring to be a lil ray of sunshine through who she shows up daily. Serving our tribe by cooking the best meals you will ever have at a retreat and going above and beyond to make sure each attendee is taken care of. The level up mom and MVP of the team. 

- Oakley (German Shorthair Pointer) is her whole world. 
- Used to live out of a bus. 
- Loves to travel across the world. 


Photographer. Stylist. 

Based in Nashville, TN - Mia has been passionate about photography and styling ever since she was 16. She has created multiple styled shoots and has an eye for unique styling & story telling. Capturing quiet + tender moments of loud & big love. Her art says it all - trust us, just go stalk her.  

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- 21 years old and a full-time photographer since 18 
- Len (golden doodle) is her furry child. 
- From middle of no where west Tennessee. 
- A free spirit with an old soul.  


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Fun Facts