by Kassidy Marie & Taylor Kern



Best invesment you could ever make: 

Lake Tahoe

June 3 - 6, 2022

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire 

WhO is this for? 

This retreat is for every woman who is ready to have one of the best experiences of her entire life! Any occupation, any age - we are welcoming EVERYONE. 

If you are someone looking to make genuine connections with empowering, like-minded, badass women - then the LEVEL UP TRIBE IS FOR YOU and we cannot wait to see you in real life + get to know YOU! 

This retreat is made for you if you want to grow within your personal development like never before, explore + relax in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and cultivate the confidence to take the steps to create a life filled with INTENTION, JOY, & AN UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET!

What will the Retreat entaiL:

our why 

- 4 days. 3 nights at an Airbnb in Tahoe 
- 3 meals a day prepped by a chef 
- 7 group wide life coaching sessions by three different life coaches 
- 1:1 Coaching in a specific area you want to grow in 
- Space to journal and deep dive into what you are learning + how you want to apply it in your life 
- Yoga + meditation 
- Hikes 
- Relax at the beach + Lake Tahoe (of course!) 
- An intimate experience with only 12 participants 

If you’re new here, WELCOME TO THE LEVEL THE FUCK UP TRIBE. We’re honored that you’re here. & to the OG's -  what’s poppin!! (Appreciate y'all always) 

Our intention is to inspire you to live in alignment with your highest self + have honest convos that make you feel less alone, hopefully make you laugh and teach you a thing or two through our learnings. 

We continually see a lot of other women struggle with the same things and not have a space to be vulnerable and grow within a community of like-minded individuals. We want to give you that space. A space to be real, to connect, and to become the best version of YOU. 

We guarantee this will be a life changing experience that you will remember forever. If you leave unsatisfied, we will refund you 100%. That is how much we believe in this retreat. 

$1,800 in payments or $1,500 in full 

** $300 deposit to lock in your spot. After that, you can make 4 payments of $375 by May 15th. 

Let's do this!


Where we are staying...

Photographer. Videographer. Mindset Coach. Podcaster 

Based in Nashville, TN - Kassidy travels everywhere to capture destination weddings and elopements. She is also a Mindset Coach who helps others level up their business and life. After she scaled her business to six-figures in a year and creating work/life balance, she started coaching others to do the same - so they can live a life of their wildest dreams. 

Kassidy Marie

Taylor Kern

meet THe HOSTS & what they will
 be speaking on

Speaking topics: 

- How to gain confidence and not give a f*ck what other people think 
- Become fearless in your passions and your life 
- Create more abundance in your life ($, love, joy) 

Photographer. Podcaster.
Life + Biz Coach. Podcaster

Based in Reno, NV - Taylor was created to create. Whether that’s capturing memories  + recording inspirational podcasts + leading life changing retreat or educational workshops or just to create a safe space. 
She has always felt her biggest gift in life is being vulnerable & making humans feel comfortable and is confident that she is in alignment with her purpose being in connection with y'all! 

Speaking topics: 

-  Learn to let go of perfectionist tendencies 
- How to embrace your body image and all that you are meant to be 
- Overcome procrastination habits and creating practices that help you thrive

Our amazing Guest Speaker

Certified Life Coach. Masters in Clinical Psychology. Currently pursuing PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Leila specializes in mindfulness training, personal development, behavior modification, and self-esteem restoration. 

LEILA Gilbert

Speaking topic: 

- Create boundaries to live a life on purpose 

Leila will also have all attendees dive into a psychology practice that will allow for us to each learn more about ourself and grow personally grow.