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This is a no bullshit, here to keep it real space. Somewhere you can find inspiration to kickass and the tools to THRIVE in your life and your business. 

A community of Badass women who are ready to level up

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These girls will ignite the fire you didn't know you needed! So inspiring and worth every second to listening to them. Hop on and start from podcast #1 because you NEED THEM ALL!" 

- Tasha  

"Ugh... Cannot get enough of these girls. Such real and rad humans sharing everything mindset, business, and wellness!" 

- Raquel

These girls make you feel like you're sitting right next to them and talking about all the things! If you don't have a friend that you can have deep, real conversations with - you can find that in Kass and Tay! Give it a listen and you really will start to LEVEL UP!"

- Arianna

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What is Poppin? 

We are tay + Kass and are wedding photographers, Mindset coaches, and your personal hype women. 

Our mission is to share our life experiences + business lessons to help you walk through your own journey. We are here to be the voices that light up your week, give you the tools to crush it, and be a space for deep conversations. 

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